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Rome Reports

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Jerusalem: latest technology used to better understand the Holy Land

One can experience the history of Christian salvation in 3D, only a few miles away from Jerusalem. This has been made possible through Saxum Visitor Center, which receives pilgrims daily from across the globe. 

The objective of this center is to make Jesus more accessible from the Old and New Testaments. It is also to provide historical, cultural, and geographical perspective. 

Many state authorities and religious leaders were present for the the official inauguration of the center, including Israel's Minister of Tourism. 

Israel's Minister of Tourism
“I think that this exhibition in Saxum Visitors Center will contribute a lot to pilgrims' experience when visiting Israel. It will enable them to know more and understand better the significance of this area.”

The center offers interactive screens, four-wall projections, maps, and timelines to help people gain more insight into Jesus' life. 

General Director, Saxum Foundation
“The Visitor's Center is a multimedia space. So pilgrims can learn more about these sacred spaces both through a historical and geographical perspective. It is a way for them to relive the story of salvation, whether it be at the beginning or end of their pilgrimage.”

This place also organizes conferences and courses on the history of Israel and Christianity here in these ancient lands.  

Auxiliary Bishop of Jerusalem
“The center has helped us present this historical moment. The pilgrims arriving here nowadays are able to experience the mystery that took place between God and people during those times.”

Saxum Visitor's Center has been built and promoted by members and cooperators of Opus Dei from across the world.