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Pope Francis meets Orthodox Church of Greece delegation

Pope Francis met with the Apostolikí Diaconía delegation from the Orthodox Church of Greece; and the Center for the Family of the Orthodox Archdiocese of Athens. 

For the past 15 years, both the Apostolikí Diaconía and the Vatican Council have been working together to promote Christian unity. 

During his speech, Pope Francis praised them for their cooperation. He also encouraged all to continue this work as brothers and sisters. 

“I would like, then, to join with you in imploring the grace to make this journey. Not as individuals going their separate ways and working for their own goals, as if others were simply placed by our side in history. “We journey together toward the one Lord, bearing one another's burdens and rejoicing in each other’s progress.”

He also thanked them for their work in serving families; and the importance for both churches to help families rediscover the “gift of marriage and the beauty of preserving a love renewed daily.”

After his speech, the delegation presented these gifts to the pope, along with this book.

“We have begun to publish a series about the first martyrs of the Church, and this book about your predecessor, St. Pius I.”

They also presented to him letters from His Beatitude Hieronymus II. He is the leader of the Orthodox Church of Greece and just recently celebrated his 11th anniversary.