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Instagram Catholic Artist: “If singing is praying twice then, when I draw I pray twice”

Richard Escalona's Instagram allows him to reach close to 33,000 with his faith-inspired illustrations. Whether it is an image of Jesus, a saint, or a Bible verse, Richard is delivering approachable messages of faith to people's timelines. 

He has also done pieces inspired by the Gospel of the day or Pope Francis' words, like at WYD in Panama. He made this illustration about Mary as an “Influencer of God,” connecting it to something many aim to be on social media. 

Richard had to opportunity to move to Chile when he was called upon to design the official materials for the 2018 Papal visit to Chile. However, is originally from Venezuela and does not shy away from political messages, especially regarding his home country, in his drawings.

“Something that is spectacular is that every time I am drawing something to do with faith, it becomes, for me, a moment of prayer. So, if someone who sings, prays twice then, in this case I can also say that when I draw I am praying twice because I am doing it with the intention of connecting with my faith.”

His Instagram pulls in followers from all over the world. He says he does it not out of self-promotion, but instead to inspire others to live and share their faith. 

“I want others to say, 'Hey, this person is cheerful, he is happy and shares it. Why can't I do the same?' You can't forget to show that you also pray and go to church. Share an occasional faith-related photo and act with faith in mind. This will then create a curiosity in others and have them thinking 'I also want to do that.'”

His company “Adoracion Creativa” and his personal page, can add colorful faith-inspired images to all social media timelines.