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New film on the struggles of St. Francis of Assisi

“Sign of Contradiction” is a new documentary that examines the life of St. Francis of Assisi and the impact he still has on people today.

Beyond the typical joyful, free, animal loving impression people may have of St. Francis, the film makers wanted to show the true depth of his life. In particular his interior life and even the struggles he endured throughout his life.


“His humanity. The fact he was a sinner and thought himself the greatest of sinners. I think we tend to see ourselves in that way; and tend to make saints into porcelain figures that were always perfect.”

From military to deacon, the documentary travels across the globe entering places such as a leper colony to show how radical St. Francis conversion and his service was to others. 

According to Dan Johnson, during the recent abuse crisis within the Church, St. Francis can serve as an example for others. This is because he too lived during a time of crisis in the Church.  


“There were priest not living the priesthood the way they were called too. There was even a crisis then. For us, to be able see Francis and the way he handled that, that he prayed for them, that he called them on, that he served the Church by living the gospel.”

The film was produced by 4PM Media and Wild Goose. They hope that by showing another perspective of St. Francis it will inspire others and show sanctity is possible for everyone.