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Pope to Italy's Court of Audit: Corruption harms and undermines confidence in the system

The pope met with the members of Italy's Court of Audit in Paul VI Audience Hall. Those also in attendance were the judges and administrative staff's family and friends. 

Pope Francis recognized how difficult it is to carry out rigorous control of accounts. Thus, he asked them to work honestly.


“Rigorous cost control curbs the recurring temptation of those in political or administrative positions to manage resources senselessly.”

The pope stressed the need to work for a healthy policy that looks after the most needy and disadvantaged.


“The common good are resources that are protected for all, especially the poorest. In the face of irresponsible use, the State is called to develop an indispensable function of vigilance by duly sanctioning illicit behavior.”

The pope warned them of the dangers of corruption and how corruption destroys the whole system.


 “In the relentless fight against corruption, it is one of the most lacerating wounds of the social fabric. This is because it greatly damages, both ethically and economically. It gives the illusion of quick and easy profit. In reality, it impoverishes everyone, taking away the trust, transparency and security of the entire system.”


The Court of Audit is a Italian constitutional institution responsible for examining and controlling public finances.