Pope visits King Mohammed VI Institute, where 1,200 imams have been trained

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Pope Francis visited the Mohammed VI Institute which trains imams, preachers and instructors.

It is a training center sponsored by the current king of Morocco, that promotes a true knowledge and study of Islam.

The pope was honorably received in this school that each year trains around 150 imams, 100 instructors and students from all over the world. More than 1,200 imams and 900 instructors have been trained here.

The pope heard the testimonies of two students, a woman from Nigeria and a man from France. They explained the kind of training they received in this institute to Pope Francis. 

'I will work to deter religious extremism by transmitting the knowledge and experiences I have acquired in order to influence tolerance, love and peaceful coexistence between Muslims, Christians and other people of different faith in my community.”

'I wish to put into practice and transmit this knowledge and, above all, this spirit of peace, love, fraternity and tolerance.'

They concluded this visit with this beautiful song that combines the best of several traditions.

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