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Pope in Angelus: let fall from our hands the stones of condemnation and gossip

During the fifth Sunday of Lent, thousands of people gathered in St. Peter's Square to listen to the pope's Angelus. 

Pope Francis reflected on the mercy Jesus shows to the woman caught in adultery. He said unlike the Pharisee and Scribes, Christ does not seek to condemn, but to save people from sin. 

“This scene also invites each one of us to become aware that we are sinners and to let fall from our hands the stones of denigration and condemnation, of gossip, which sometimes we would like to hurl against others. When we speak badly of others, we throw stones like these people.”

The pope added that the mercy Jesus shows to the woman is an invitation for everyone to a new way, a way that calls for a commitment to sin no more. 

“Every true conversion is directed towards a new future, a new life, a beautiful life, a life free from sin, a generous life. Let us not not be afraid to ask Jesus for forgiveness because He opens the door for us to this new life.”

After the Angelus prayer, whilst greeting pilgrims present on St. Peter's Square, he had these words of encouragement for young people receiving confirmation from various dioceses in Italy.

“Be courageous witnesses of Jesus and the Gospel! With Confirmation we must always grow in courage, always be courageous!”

The pope recently released his new apostolic exhortation focused on youth “Christ is alive” calling youth to be courageous in truly living out the faith.