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Christian Aid, the Anglican organization working to end poverty

Since 1945, Christian Aid has been serving the disadvantaged and fighting against poverty and global injustices with programs and volunteers in 37 countries.

This international NGO was founded thanks to the union of British and Irish churches. However, its CEO, Amanda Mukwashi, assures the organization welcomes any person regardless of faith or belief.

CEO Christian Aid
“We are called to service to challenge extreme poverty. To challenge power structures that keep people poor and also to be a prophetic voice. We speak up on issues such as tax justice, climate justice and economic transformation. We are against systems that continuously keep people in poverty.”

The organization assists and helps victims affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises, such as the Rohingya community. Its volunteers serve the victims during and after the tragedy, until they are able to take care of themselves.

They help them to claim their rights to health, education and know the laws for trade, as well as legal tax rates. This is so they are not exploited when selling their products and also support the inclusion of women in society.

CEO Christian Aid
“People living in poverty are not there by their own fault. They are there by design. It's a political construct and we need to speak up against it. What we do is we really try to empower the worker with local partners and communities so that they can speak up for themselves. This is what Christian Aid is in a nutshell.”

Amanda says this is the mission of her job. For her, she desires to help as many people as possible through her work.

CEO Christian Aid
"I used to work for the United Nations and for me, I take this as a calling. It's a calling that says to me faith is not just something you believe, faith has to be something that makes a big difference. This difference is not just for your life, but those around you as well in a positive way.”

As Pope Francis says “a little mercy makes the world less cold and more just.”