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Female religious Superiors Generals: we don't have a particular position on women deacons

From May 6-10, female religious Superiors Generals from all over the world are convening in Rome for their 21st plenary assembly. The theme for this year is “Sowers of Prophetic Hope,” but their goal extends to so much more. 

Some of the Superiors Generals explained their mission at a press conference.

President, International Union of Superiors General (UISG)

“Through new technology that we have put in our offices, this helps us empower our members to communicate the mission; to be better equipped to help migrants and trafficked persons; to protect and care for our planet; to deepen our spirituality; to be true disciples and apostles in today's world.”

As women, they say the role of women is especially important for them. The sisters are discussing topics that could change in the future, but admit they aren't going to argue in one direction or another.

Executive Secretary, International Union of Superiors General (UISG)

“For example, the issue of women deacons was raised three years ago with the pope who set up a commission and he may speak in the future about the results of the work of that commission. 6:06 FLASH 6:24 We haven't a particular position, if I might put it that way. We're not arguing for something, but we're searching together. I do believe the pope is searching for a way to make the presence of women more visible, but also more impactful in the Church.”

The sisters meet every three years, with the desire to share experiences, testimonies and dreams. They find help for sisters within their congregations who have been abused or have abused others. Additionally, their Assembly will discuss how to move orphans from institutions to loving families. 

These exchanges at the Assembly will present, religious life from countless angles. In this way, the religious Superiors Generals can all learn and carry out the Catholic mission in the best way possible, taking each person and issue into account.