Pope Francis to children: Some miracles can only take place if we have a heart like yours

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Pope Francis greeted more than 10,000 pilgrims flocked outside the Church of the Sacred Heart in the city of Rakovsky, Bulgaria.

Additionally, 242 children along with their families waited for him to arrive inside the church. Pope Francis wore the stole the country's authorities presented to him the day before.

During his homily, the pope asked the young people to keep their hearts pure. He also asked them to continue receiving communion after this first time.

“Remember Jesus is always waiting for you.” “Some miracles can only take place if we have a heart like yours: a heart capable of sharing, dreaming, feeling gratitude, trusting and respecting other people.”

At the end of his homily, Pope Francis decided to improvise and speak directly to the children to ensure they understood what he wanted to say. 

“I have a question for you all. Are you happy to make your first communion? Are you sure?”

However, the pope's most important message was reserved just before the distribution of first communion. He stressed the importance of reverence and the moments of recollection when receiving the Eucharist. 

“Now you will be receiving Jesus. Do not get distracted, or think about other things. Just think that Jesus is here. Come to the altar to receive Jesus in silence. Keep silence in your heart and think this is the first time Jesus has come to you. If you've fought with anyone, forgive them from the heart before coming for communion. In silence.”

The children came from all over Bulgaria. In this country, Catholics are less than one percent of the population. Additionally, there two different rites, Latin and Byzantine-Slavic. There is also a Maronite community.

Bulgaria is also known as the land of roses. Therefore, at the end of the ceremony, white petals were thrown from the roof of the Church. 

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