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Pope to young people of North Macedonia: speak face-to-face as we are all connected but with little communication

Pope Francis had a meeting with young people from various religions. As he arrived, two young people offered him bread and salt. It is a traditional way there to welcome an important guest.

The pope heard the testimony of a couple, a young Muslim woman and a young Catholic from the Byzantine rite.

They paid tribute to him with this traditional dance.

Pope Francis responded to Liridona's question. She is a young Muslim woman who wanted to know if dreaming of a world with religious unity was dreaming too much.

“I would like to say to you: dreaming is never too much. Even if you make mistakes, you can always get up and start over, for no one has the right to rob you of hope.”

Pope Francis remembered the work of Mother Teresa. For this reason he said how important it is to dedicate time to people and to do it face-to-face, not through screens.

“Do you want to know what I think was the best lesson I ever learned? It is how to talk to people 'face-to-face.' We have entered into the digital age, but actually we know very little about communication. We are all 'connected,' but not really 'involved' with one another. ”.

The pope further explained that a young man who does not dedicate time to his elderly relatives is like a tree without roots.

“Spend time with the elderly, listen to their stories, which may sometimes seem a bit unreal, but in fact are full of rich experiences, eloquent symbols.” “I think it is an antidote against all those who want to lock you up in the present by drowning and suffocating you with pressures and demands for alleged happiness.”

Before leaving for his last event in the country, Pope Francis prayed with those present a prayer written by Mother Teresa.