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Pope in Regina Coeli: Church cannot be static it requires the participation of all the baptized

Despite the rain pilgrims still gathered in St. Peter's Square to listen and pray with Pope Francis the Regina Coeli. This week he reflected on the Gospel where Jesus promises to send the apostles the Holy Spirit. 

Pope Francis said the Holy Spirit does not add anything to Divine Revelation, but continues to remind and encourage one in following Christ's teachings. 

“The Holy Spirit’s task is to make people remember, in other words, to make them fully understand and encourage them to concretely implement the teachings of Jesus. This is also the mission of the Church, which carries it out through a precise way of life.”

The pope added in order for the mission of the Church to be fulfilled it cannot remain static, but requires the full participation of each baptized person. 

“It is a matter of freeing ourselves from the worldly bonds represented by our views, our strategies, our objectives, which often weigh down the path of faith and to be docile in listening to the Word of the Lord. It is the Spirit of God who guides us and guides the Church, so that the authentic face of the Church, beautiful and luminous, willed by Christ, may shine forth.”

As the month of May is dedicated with special devotion to the Blessed Mother, Pope Francis invited Christians to pray to her to protect the Church and humanity. He added Our Lady “with humble and courageous faith cooperated fully with the Holy Spirit in the Incarnation of the Son of God.”