Pope: Holy Spirit converts people into dynamite that can destroy walls

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The General Audience began very early with Pope Francis accompanied by a group of children, who toured St. Peter's Square in the popemobile. 

Later, the pope began a new series of catechesis, in which he explained the Biblical book, the Acts of the Apostles. 

Pope Francis said this book, written by St. Luke, directed the reader to two main points: the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. 

“When the Spirit visits the human word, it becomes dynamic, like 'dynamite.' It is capable of enlightening hearts and destroying patterns, resistances and walls of division. It opens up new paths and expands the boundaries of God's people.'

The pope said not to waste life by living in fear. Instead, he insisted, everything arrives in the right moment. 

“There is no battle to earn or merit the gift of God. Everything is given for free and in due time. The Lord gives everything for free. He invites His people not to live in the present with anxiety, but trust in God's timing. 'To know how to wait for God's 'steps,' who is the Lord of time and space.”

Pope Francis invited Christians not to obsess and 'invent' their mission in life. Instead, let God guide and 'invigorate' their hearts.

The pope also explained that loneliness, temptations and doubts are overcome through prayer. Thus, he invited Christians to pray with perseverance.

When the Audience ended, the pope met with the National Directors of the Pontifical Mission Societies, who are meeting in the Vatican these days.

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