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Italy's local police to pope: We want to protect the most humble and needy

These police officers aren't patrolling the streets this time. Instead they came to St. Peter's Square to see Pope Francis. 

They are representatives from the Professional Association of Local Police of Italy. It is an organization that provides training and formation for the local police force. 

One colleague in particular had been anticipating in attending this event for a long time, but recently passed away. Thus the National President asked the pope to pray for their colleague Joseph and also voiced her desire.

National President, Italy's local police
“We want the local police to continue their formation in the word of Christ, defending all the citizens they represent, but above all the most humble and needy.”

Silvana Paci is the first woman to be the National President of the Professional Association of Local Police of Italy. For her, women should not have to abandon their motherly role in a professional workplace. 

National President, Italy's local police
“I think a woman has a dual role. As well as being a professional in the local police service, she is also a mother in every aspect. So often the mother is the reference point for everyone in the family. In civil society and here they need a mother. So I am the mother of the local police of Italy.”

Pope Francis has often noted the motherly tenderness women bring to society. He even had this to say for International Women's Day 2019.

“I would also like to say a few words about the irreplaceable contribution of women in building a world that can be a home for all. Women make the world beautiful, they protect it and keep it alive. They bring the grace of renewal, the embrace of inclusion, and the courage to give of oneself. Peace, then, is born of women, it arises and is rekindled by the tenderness of mothers. Thus the dream of peace becomes a reality when we look towards women.”

After such a memorable moment with Pope Francis, these police officers will now go back to patrolling the streets of Rome and the whole of Italy.