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Rome Reports

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Bishops give the Pope an Australian hat

"Holy Father, what joy!"

Ad limina visits tend to be very formal, but there are many warm receptions like this one with the Australian bishops.

"I still remember your beautiful preaching."


"Thank you."

Many brought images to bless, including a photograph of this convent.

"Bless this image."

A group of children sent a colorful letter to the pope.

Msgr. Bosco Pathur, from the Syro- Malabar community, from the Eastern-Syrian rite, in communion with the Church of Rome, attended the meeting.

During the meeting, one present caught the attention of all attendees. It was the perfect gift for the Roman summer.

"An Australian hat. The pope is Argentinian, but with an Australian hat."

"Thank you."

"It looks very good."

Since Pope Francis' English isn't very good, he preferred to speak in Italian.

"I will speak in Italian."

In the meeting, they surely mentioned the situation with Cardinal George Pell, who is in jail, after being accused of abuse. During these weeks, the court is assessing his appeal.

The visit ended with a photograph of all the Australian bishops with the pope.