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Pope Francis: Prayer awakens feelings of fraternity and breaks down barriers

Pope Francis met with the members of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network to commemorate its 175th anniversary.

The key to this organization is to help promote the pope's prayer intentions for such issues as poverty, education, sick people and other global challenges.

Prayer always arouses feelings of brotherhood, breaks down barriers, crosses borders, creates invisible but real and effective bridges, opens horizons of hope.

He thanked the 52 delegations from all continents for their work and stressed the importance of prayer.

It is a mission of compassion for the world, we could say a 'way of the heart,' that is, a prayerful itinerary that transforms people's lives.

Additionally, young people from the Eucharistic Youth Movement participated in the meeting. The pope encouraged them to promote prayer in the midst of their friends.

We must offer young people opportunities for interiority, moments of spirituality, schools of the Word. This is so they can be enthusiastic missionaries in different environments. In this way they will discover that praying does not separate them from real life, but helps them to interpret existential events in the light of God.

The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network celebrates not only just 175 years since its founding, but also 10 years since its relaunch process began.