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Documentary investigates possible beatification of architect Antonio Gaudí

The architect of Barcelona's most iconic work could soon be beatified.

In addition to being a world-famous architect, Antonio Gaudí was a devout Catholic. His faith can clearly be seen in the details of the Sagrada Familia.

Twenty-five years ago, four lay people formed the Association for the Beatification of Antonio Gaudí. To this day they are still trying to get him declared “blessed.” Before this can happen, they need the pope to first declare him venerable and prove a miracle performed through his intercession.

Now, a group of people from Barcelona have made a documentary to tell the story of the artist and his possible beatification.

Co-director of the documentary
"The problem is that in order to beatify him, it is first necessary to prove a miracle. Until there is one, we cannot advance any further. Our aim was to tell the story of these lay people who have been trying to beatify Gaudí for many years now."

Usually the task of promoting a beatification is overseen by a large religious order or congregation, but in this case, it is a lay association.

Pontifical Council for Culture
“I believe that it is a sign of the times we live in that lay associations, sometimes small associations, are actively promoting a cause for beatification.”

The documentary is already completed, but if in the next few years the pope decides to declare him venerable and then blessed, they have already prepared a new conclusion to their story.