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Pope response to Amazon fires: this forest lung is vital for our planet

The pope expressed his concern for the fires that are raging through the Amazon region. 

In more than two weeks the Amazon, the world's largest rainforest, has been burning. There has been an international outcry in regard to local governments response to this crises and assistance has been provided across the globe. 

We are all concerned about the vast fires that have developed in the Amazon. We pray that, with the commitment of all, they will be contained as soon as possible. This forest lung is vital for our planet.

Before the Angelus, Pope Francis reflected on Jesus response in the Gospel to the question 'Lord, will only a few people be saved?' He said Christ stressed the need to take responsibility and used the present time well. 

The Lord will recognize us not by our titles - 'But look, Lord, I belonged to that association, I was a friend of this monsignor, this cardinal, this priest...' No, titles don't count, they don't count. The Lord will recognize us only for a humble life, a good life, a life of faith that translates into works.

He added how Christians are called to restore true communion with Jesus, through praying , going to Church, approaching the Sacraments and nourishing oneself with His Word. 

This keeps us in faith, nourishes our hope, revives charity. So, with the grace of God, we can and must spend our lives for the good of our brothers and sisters, to fight against all forms of evil and injustice.

The pope encouraged pilgrims to invoke the Blessed Mother who he referred to as the “Gate of Heaven,” “a gate that follows exactly the form of Jesus: the gate of the heart of God, a heart that is demanding, but open to all.”