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Pope Francis meets Board of Directors from Latin American Episcopal Council, CELAM

Pope Francis received the Board of Directors from the Latin American Episcopal Council at the Vatican.

Your Excellency Mr. President...

They are visiting the Roman Curia to further their mission to serve the 22 Episcopal Conferences of Latin America.

The secretary general, Juan Carlos Cárdenas, recalled that the institution is in a process of restructuring.

CELAM Secretary General
"We want CELAM to be updated to the needs and great challenges of the Church in Latin America during our time."

During the meeting they brought the pope a 'Bible of the Church in America' and presented a project that seeks to communicate the faith.

 Holy Father these are some DVDs of some plays that they do in Monterrey...

... pieces of Musical Theater. - 

During the meeting, they exchanged opinions on the challenges of the Latin American Episcopal Council and pastoral challenges in the region.

Rogelio Cabrera, President of the Economic Committee, sent a special greeting from the Mexican people.

Greetings from the Mexican people who love you a lot...

... If I can return.  

The Latin American Episcopal Council is an organization that seeks to accompany the pastoral work of the episcopal conferences in the region.

In Rome, they have also met with rectors of pontifical schools and accredited ambassadors to the Holy See.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi

Melissa Butz