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Pope explains in General Audience a fundamental change of heart in St. Peter

Pope Francis explains during the General Audience how God changed Peter's mentality about the universality of salvation. Events in the Acts of the Apostles led “Peter to open his mind and heart to the 'creativity' with which God was extending to all people the blessings promised to Israel.”

The pope recalled how Peter's example challenges all Christians to examine their openness to the “surprising creativity” that the Holy Spirit is drawing all people to the Risen Lord's salvation.


Dear brothers and sisters:

Following our catechesis on the Acts of the Apostles, we have seen how the Holy Spirit led the early Church to see that God's salvation is for every nation. 

A crucial moment is when St. Peter is told that all food is clean in God's eyes, and immediately following, a Roman Gentile named Cornelius comes to Peter to hear the Gospel, and is baptized by the Holy Spirit.

These events helped Peter open his mind and heart to the “creativity” which God extended the blessings of Israel to all people. Peter's discernment of God's universal saving was the mark of an evangelizer, who desires to share the Gospel with everyone. The example of Peter challenges us to investigate our own openness to God's creativity in drawing people to the Risen Lord's salvation.

I greet the English speakers of today's Audience, especially those from England, Scotland, Finland, Norway, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Malawi, Korea, Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Canada and the United States of America. I especially greet the NATO Defense

College. May God bless you all!

Rachel Dobrzynski