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Rome Reports

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Peruvians visit Rome, “Pope Francis' way of speaking connects him with people”

In 2018, almost 23,000,000 people passed through Rome's main monuments and museums. People come from all over the world, such as this couple from Peru.

They've enjoyed not only art, but also the rich Italian food and have even met with people of the stature of Roberto Benigni.

“You see, we are Peruvian, and in Peru, we eat very well. Everyone knows that Peru eats well. Everything is rich. But here, it's crazy. Fish? Amazing. Meat? Amazing. The wines? They will get you drunk.”

It's normal that a mandatory stop for both believers and non-believers is this place: the Vatican, where each Sunday and Wednesday the pope appears in public.

“He's a pope that's traveled all over. He's been to Cuba and Latin American; he's a good representative of the Catholic Church.”

“Pope Francis has something we women see. He has charisma, the humble way he reaches people, his smile, his way of speaking connects him with people. That's what we like the most.”

This has been repeated over the past six and a half years of Pope Francis' pontificate. A closeness that attracts and a smile that conquers.