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Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders explain joint declaration to defend life

For the first time in history, Jews, Christians and Muslims signed a joint declaration in defense of life.

It is a joint declaration of the Abrahamic monotheistic religions. It condemns euthanasia and assisted suicide, and proposes accompaniment of a person in the final days of his or her life.

President, Israeli National Council on Bioethics
“The position paper is a very important position, especially in our day and age, where there is a tendency to take the value of life much cheaper than it used to be, throughout generations.”

The text has a religious-humanistic vision. It promotes understanding between the different focuses of religious traditions. It takes a stance in support of human dignity, with regard to the values and relevant practices for terminally ill patients.

President, Pontifical Academy for Life
“It is not only directed to believers, nor is it only for other religions. It's for all men and women, because the theme of accompaniment, especially toward the end of life, is one of the great challenges that we must face.”

The declaration supports “laws and policies that protect the rights and dignity of the dying patient, to avoid euthanasia and promote palliative care.”

President, Central Board of Muhammadiyah Indonesia
“As a Muslim, our belief is that we are forbidden to kill ourselves, whatever the situation. That's why we are coming here actually to have a good discussion and sharing of our views, sharing the opinion. It is actually very good that people should know, people who believe in religion, should know this agreement that we may not kill or do euthanasia.”

The representatives of monotheistic religions ask politicians and health professionals to support initiatives that protect the human person and commit to “involving other religions” in the fight to defend life.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi
Translation: Claudia Torres