Young pilgrims come to Rome to 'recharge their batteries' before the new school year

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This group of young people are from the parish of St. Andrés in Murcia. They came to Rome to recharge their batteries before starting the new school year.

“It is to gain strength in preparation for the upcoming courses this semester. Today being a Christian is more and more complicated, so a pilgrimage for young people helps a lot. I remember how much it helped me. Now I am 25 years old, but when I was 16 or 17 I was possibly the only Christian in class. I always helped a lot in this type of pilgrimage in which you see more and more young people like yourself come together. It shows you that you are not alone and you return to the course with the your batteries recharged.”

This is how they made themselves felt after Pope Francis' General Audience. They describe it as a unique experience.

“In the end, the pope's presence alone makes your hair stand up. The moment that touched me the most was when a little girl, who had a mental illness, left her seat and ran up to see the pope. It was impressive when he said: leave her, leave her alone.”

“Leave her alone, God speaks through children. Leave her, leave her...”

“And then at the end of the General Audience to ask everyone to pray for any suffering person they see.” 

After eight days of living their faith in a deeper way, they closed this annual pilgrimage in Rome.

They hope that when they return to Murcia they will be witnesses to the pope's message and inspire more young people to live their faith in a joyful way.

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