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“Homeboy Industries,” company founded by Jesuit to bring hope to gang members

More than three decades ago, Fr. Greg Boyle found a way to help young gang members look forward and leave delinquency behind in Los Angeles, California. He did it by founding Homeboy Industries. Today, Homeboy Industries is a full-blown business and driving force for gang intervention and rehabilitation.

The company offers legal and psychological consultations. It also has a project dedicated to tattoo removal. Its biggest activity is offering employment in clothes-making, the mechanical industry, or its bakery. The company's mission is to prepare former gang members for the workforce and to teach them values.

Founder of “Homeboy Industries”
“Everyone works alongside their enemies. Everyone. For example, they have to work in one of our bakeries with people they used to fight with and hate very profoundly. Little by little, just by baking bread, they are having a transformative experience.”

The project has yielded great results. It is a tool to reduce crime. Only one percent of participating youth have returned to committing crimes.

Founder of “Homeboy Industries”
“Due to their criminal records and history, we have a rehabilitation center to help them. We help them by removing their tattoos and educating them. Above all, we offer them a community of tenderness that accepts them so they can transform their pain and suffering into a better future.”

A better future is possible thanks to the vision of this Jesuit, who the gang members now see as a real father.

Today, “Homeboy Industries” relies on 47 tutors, 44 psychologists, 10 legal assistants and 32 experts in tattoo removal. They all work as volunteers to bring hope to young gang members in Los Angeles.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi
Translation: Claudia Torres