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Rome Reports

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At Spanish Steps, Pope reminds it's one thing to sin and another to live corruptly

Per tradition, the pope left the Vatican to pray before the image of the Immaculate Conception at the Spanish Steps in the center of Rome.

There, he offered the Virgin Mary this large bouquet of white roses.

Later, the pope led a prayer for those who are discouraged by the weight of their sins. He said it's one thing to be a sinner and another to live with a corrupt heart.

“It is one thing to fall, but then, repenting, to get up again with the help of God's mercy. Something else is hypocritical conspiracy with evil corruption of the heart, that appears faultless on the outside, but inside, is full of evil intentions and nasty selfishness.”

Hosting the pope was the Spanish Embassy to the Holy See, which is why this group of Spanish Civil Guards greeted Pope Francis and gave him this tricorne hat.

Later, he greeted the sick in the front row one-by-one.

Some of them surprised the pope with gifts, such as this lady who gave the pope two bags of cookies.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi
Translated: Rachel Dobrzynski