Adoration Pro: simplifies organizing Eucharistic adoration

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Running a Eucharistic adoration program can be a difficult task for a parish. Finding and managing adorers through traditional methods is often difficult and time consuming. That's why there's Adoration Pro. 

President of Parish Solutions Company
“I began to realize that if he had been using paper or spread sheets, and this is actually pretty common, be difficult to convince someone else to take on he probably had a big mess that he knew would”.

With Adoration Pro, a single person can run an adoration program. The software tracks attendance history and lets administrators control what hours are available for adorers to schedule. It also lets adorers do the work of finding substitutions. The web-based tool is easy to use and has comprehensive tours to demonstrate its features.

President of Parish Solutions Company
“It's interesting. When those parishes start using Adoration Pro, they're often kind of surprised that they don't need that many volunteers to run the program. One could do it, or maybe two, or three.”

The program is useful for both adorers and administrators. Administrators can customize reminders that can be sent as an email or text. Adoration Pro even has an emergency alert feature for canceling adoration when extreme weather conditions hit. 

President of Parish Solutions Company
“Adoration Pro has come a long way from the beginning, but it still does what it was built to do and that is, to make life easier for the volunteer or even the staff person who is administering the adoration program at the church or the school or wherever it might be.”

Adoration Pro can be purchased through the Parish Solutions Company website. It is available for all web-connected devices.

To learn more about AdorationPro, please visit the Parish Solutions Company website at

Carina Anderson

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