Pope Francis: If grandparents do not talk to their grandchildren, there will be no future

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Pope Francis met with members of Italy's National Association of Elderly Workers, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary.

It is an organization protecting elderly workers' rights. It coordinates volunteer activities and promotes inter-generational dialogue to underline the value of the experience of elderly people.

The pope underscored this fundamental role played by the elderly in society.

“The elderly, at a social level, should not be seen as a burden, but as what they really are, a resource and a richness. They are the memory of a people! This is evident in their volunteer activities, precious occasions to live the dimension of gratitude.”

Pope Francis thanked them for their commitment to the various volunteer activities this association promotes. They generate a network of solidarity, which is very necessary in a time when the person is no longer at the center.

“Unfortunately, many times young people are discarded because they are unemployed. The elderly are discarded in the name of maintaining a 'balanced' economic system, at the center of which there is not the human person, but money. This is not right. The future—and this is not an exaggeration—will be in dialogue between the young and the elderly. If grandparents do not talk to their grandchildren, there will be no future.”

Pope Francis concluded by saying the strength of the young, combined with the memory and wisdom of the elderly, can build a society that is more just, more beautiful and more Christian.

Ángeles Conde
Translation: Claudia Torres

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