June 2019: Pope Francis gathers all nuncios in Rome

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In June the pope made a surprise announcement of his desire to travel to a country marked by war and persecution of Christians for next year. 

I constantly think about Iraq, where I want to go next year. This is so I can look to a peaceful future based on the shared pursuit of the common good of all parts of society, including religious ones; and not to fall back into tensions that come from the endless conflicts of regional powers.

After as series of unsubstantiated accusations by ex-nuncio in the United States, Carlo Maria Viganò, Pope Francis gathered the apostolic nuncios in Rome. He told them that “It is irreconcilable to be a pontifical representative and criticize the pope behind his back, have a blog or join groups hostile to him, the Curia and the Church of Rome.”

Additionally, Pope Francis continued to reform the Roman Curia. The Council of Cardinals that advises the pope concluded its 30th meeting. They announced that the new apostolic constitution of the Curia will be called “Praedicate Evangelium.” It will be ready before 2020 and will seek to promote a missionary Church.

Secretary, Council of Cardinals
“The Curia is an organization, a structure of service. Therefore, the mutations and changes are those necessary for the Curia's service to be an 'ecclesial service' and to answer the exigencies and questions from the world.”

In the midst of so many responsibilities, Pope Francis received a visit that made him very happy: the “Children's Train” arrived at the Vatican.

 “How were you at school? How did school go for you?” 

The pope confessed to them that as a child he did not like studying. However, he had to learn how to do it, and studying helped him a lot. 

“So, there is an important thing a very good teacher taught me: never, never hate a classmate from school. Never.”

The pope asked them to distinguish between what inspires good things in their hearts and what inspires bad things. This is to listen to God's advice and not to the devil's advice. 

It was an unforgettable morning for these children, with Pope Francis.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi
Translation: Sean Richardson 

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