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Rome Reports

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Argentinian artist surprises Pope Francis with work dedicated to his sister

Gustavo Masó is an Argentinian painter and sculptor who traveled from Buenos Aires to Rome to give Pope Francis two surprises.

The first was this canvas of Jorge Luis Borges. It is a portrait showing the person, not just the character.


It has to do with this biblical passage about constructing one's own identity either on rock or sand.” “However, what I want to represent is the person with his work, his performance and his thoughts in this life.”

He assures the second surprise left the pope speechless.

It was this sculpture titled “El deseo tangible,” which translates to “Tangible desire.” It is a sculpture of the pope's sister's hand.


This piece surprised him because they haven't seen each other since he became pope, several years ago. They haven't seen each other since, but I think, based on what I perceive in each of them, that they are linked in a very particular way.”

The two works will stay in the Vatican. The pope is looking for a special place for them.

It won't be easy though, as the artist said. The Vatican Museums only accept works from deceased artists. That's why its moment has not yet come.

JMB / Claudia Torres