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Pope Francis: We need to remember the Holocaust to not become indifferent

Pope Francis held a meeting with members of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, an institution that compiles information on Holocaust victims and documents cases of anti-Semitic aggression.

One of its founders, Rabbi Marvin Hier, described to the pope some of the most terrible acts committed against Jews in recent times. That's why they made a request to Pope Francis.

Your Holiness, we have come to ask for your help as the leader of the Christian world, to help us confront this debasement of humanity.”

The pope recalled that the year 2020 will mark 75 years since the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. It is a date calling for pause and reflection.

If we lose our memory, we destroy the future. The anniversary of the indescribable cruelty humanity discovered 75 years ago is a call to stop, be silent and make memory. We need this to not become indifferent.”

Pope Francis said this growing egotistical indifference contributes to the birth of populism and hatred. He asked those present to fight this trend at its root.

This prepares land fertile for particularism and populism, which we see all around us. In this land, hatred grows rapidly. Hatred. To sow hatred. Even recently we have witnessed a barbaric rise in anti-Semitism. I do not tire of firmly condemning every form of anti-Semitism. To tackle the problem at its root, we must commit to plowing the land where hatred grows, and sowing peace.”

Then the pope invited Jews and Christians to foster fraternity by being attentive to victims of any type of discrimination and by caring for society's discarded and marginalized.

Ángeles Conde.