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Rome Reports

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From Peru to Vatican: pilgrims return Pope Francis' visit

There are two ways to perceive the pope: as tourists who see a celebrity while passing through the Vatican, or as pilgrims, like this Peruvian family, who made the trip to Rome to see St. Peter's successor.

“First off, it's a huge blessing. One breathes peace.”

“I feel a lot of peace from having been here in St. Peter's today. We came just so we could be at the General Audience. Last Sunday, we were at the Angelus with the pope as well. It's a really beautiful experience however, to be inside, and have him so close.”

Lizia is a doctor in Spain. Violeta is a professor in Peru. For both, the pope's words were a call to keep moving forward. For Lizia, they motivated her to continue treating her most difficult patients. For Violeta, they encouraged her to not lose hope in front of the children she teaches, who often lack a family structure at home.

“We have to apply many strategies because these children need, even more than academics, someone to guide them in morals and values. I would see some kids who seemed like they wouldn't make it, but we can do it. They are children who need a lot of care. They need a lot of love, because they are practically abandoned.”

Neither can forget Pope Francis' trip to Peru in January 2018. Violeta says it was a visit which helped remind them of the importance of forming stable families in society.

Javier Romero
Translation: Claudia Torres