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Pope reflects on doubt and questioning, while entering into the Triduum

During the Wednesday General Audience, before the Triduum begins, Pope Francis reflected on “where God is to be found in this situation.” He said many ask now during the pandemic, just as Jesus asked on the cross. 

In fact, it was only after Jesus suffered that he was recognized as the Son of God, in his “humble and self-sacrificial love.” Instead of resolving all our problems how we would like, Jesus' death shows that in difficult times, “only love endures forever.”

Entering into the Triduum, the pope asked that each person draw near to Jesus, who 'transforms our doubts into faith and our fears into hope.”


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

At this time of anxiety and suffering caused by the current pandemic, we all face uncertainty and may ask where God is to be found in this situation. During these days of Holy Week we can find solace in the account of the Passion of Jesus. Our Lord also faced questions, with many wondering whether he really was the promised Messiah. It was only after his death that a centurion confirmed that Jesus truly was the Son of God. He did this after seeing Christ suffer silently on the cross, which teaches us that God’s power is revealed in humble and self-sacrificial love. 

We, like the disciples, may have preferred the Lord to manifest his strength by resolving our problems according to our own measure of what is right. Yet the death and resurrection of Jesus show that while earthly power passes away, only love endures forever.

Dear brothers and sisters, let us draw courage from our crucified and risen Lord, who embraces our fragility, heals our sins, and draws us close to him, transforming our doubts into faith and our fears into hope.

I greet the English-speaking faithful joining us through the media. May this Holy Week lead us to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus with hearts purified and renewed by the grace of the Holy Spirit. May God bless you!