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Valentina Alazraki: In Mexico, John Paul II understood how to carry out his role as pope

In a meeting with Rome Reports Premium subscribers, Mexican journalist Valentina Alazraki explained the essential points necessary to understand John Paul II.

“When he returned, he said that in Mexico, he came to understand how he had to carry out his role as pope. When he saw the large crowds, he realized he was the pope who had to travel. He realized he had to go out to the world's Catholics, even if they were minorities, and even if they were on unknown islands. He used to say, 'How many people can afford a ticket to come to the Vatican? Relatively few.' He was the pope who had to go out carrying this message. He said he was both Peter and Paul at the same time. He had a very strong missionary spirit.”

Among the meeting's participants were a few journalists from Rome Reports and many of the news agency's readers, from various parts of the world.

CEO, Rome Reports
“You said that before John Paul II, religious content barely made the news. It wasn't given much importance. I haven't experienced that. Maybe you can explain the change that came about thanks to the pope's communication.”

“I think it was a 360-degree change.”

“I have a memory of John Paul II resembling a tsunami passing through the corridor in the audience hall. Everyone would just launch questions at him. They would ask things like, 'Do you like the Vatican? Are you going to escape? Are you going out to ski?'”

Director, Rome Reports
“I really like Valentina's journalistic style because she doesn't just tell you what happens, but rather, makes you feel the things she experiences.”

Webmaster, Rome Reports
“Just now when you were commenting on the attempt on John Paul II's life, two people in the chat asked related questions.”

The Mexican journalist from Televisa is the dean of the Vaticanists. She boasts the most experience covering news on the Holy See.

In addition to her books about John Paul II and other current topics, she has interviewed Pope Francis on two occasions.

Javier Martínez-Brocal

Translation: Claudia Torres