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Pope Francis: I feel sorry for a humanity without crisis!

Pope Francis sent a video message to participants in the World Cyber Meeting of Youth, Parents and Professors, on World Environment Day.

The meeting was promoted by the pontifical foundation, Scholas Occurrentes. Pope Francis pointed out that this educational project was born out of a crisis. It's a word signifying rupture and danger, but also opportunity.

“I feel sorry for a humanity without crisis! All perfect, all orderly, all nicely pressed. If we think about it, a humanity like that would be a sick humanity, very sick. Thank God it is not that way.”

Among the meeting's participants were a number of First Ladies, including Rocío González Navas from Ecuador, and Fabiola Yañez from Argentina. There were also athletes, artists, political leaders, and tech experts.

The pope reminded them that if crises are faced alone, they can be dangerous, because one can become disoriented.

“In a crisis, fear invades us. We close ourselves off as individuals, and we start to repeat what benefits very few. We empty ourselves of meaning, hiding our call, losing sight of beauty. This is what happens when one faces a crisis alone, without support. Beauty, as Dostoyevsky said, will save the world.”

Scholas is a pontifical foundation that creates networks to connect students and education centers from all around the world. Their mission is to promote respect between different cultures.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi

Translation: Claudia Torres