U.S. Bishops' strategy against racism

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 You can watch the full interview with Danielle Brown here: https://www.romereports.tv/zoom-meetings/videos/the-catholic-church-against-racism-today-danielle-brown  

 In light of the recent events in the United States, Rome Reports Premium held a Zoom conference to address the roots of racism and discover what the Catholic Church is doing to improve the situation.

Guest speaker, Danielle Brown, the Associate Director of the ad hoc Committee Against Racism at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) highlighted the work of U.S. bishops against racism. 

One is their 2018 pastoral letter: 'Open Wide Our Hearts: The Enduring Call to Love.'

Ad hoc Committee Against Racism, USCCB
“Specifically the bishops say that racism arises when, either consciously or unconsciously, a person holds that his or her own race or ethnicity is superior and judges other people of other races or ethnicity as inferior or unworthy of equal regard.” 

The document addresses many points, including that racism is a sin, especially when it excludes, mistreats or discriminates against people of another race.    

Senior English Correspondent, Rome Reports
What can we actually do to help our African-American brothers and sisters to feel more welcome? To feel that they are with us in the one Body of Christ and that we are not divided in any way shape or form?” 

Ad hoc Committee Against Racism, USCCB
The first one is to read the pastoral letter, 'Open Wide our Hearts.' Second is to create group opportunities for people to talk about the news and what's going on both in your country and the United States. Ask these questions honestly and give each other permission to address each other's thoughts, but not attack the person. Share about your upbringing and what your understanding of race and racism is and be free to ask simple questions to other people.”

Danielle explained how these conversations can be implemented with different age groups, in parishes or schools, with practical steps for eradicating racism found on the USCCB's webpage.

She also gave examples of U.S. bishops' individual work, and how it spreads throughout the Church at large, proving that the Catholic Church is actively working to eradicate racism in the world today.

Melissa Butz 

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