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Virtual congress brings together ideas to help children use Internet properly

The pandemic has changed the way relationships are lived out in society, a reality to which even children are exposed from home.

CEO, CCC of America
“Technology offers many benefits. We can learn, we can visit museums, we can get to know the world we didn't know, we can have fun. There are always more learning tools, tools for entertainment, including different ways of transmitting the faith through media, but there is also another aspect. If we don't take care of them, if we neglect them, if we don't stay near them, children are one click away from all kinds of content.”

As the “new normal” develops, important questions continue to emerge. What is an appropriate amount of screen time? What is an appropriate age to open social media accounts? Is there a correlation between loss of vision and screen time?

In response, “CCC of America” organized a virtual conference called “Children and screens, the new formality?” Its objective is to support families and educators as they adapt to the new digital world.

CEO, CCC of America
“Online education is wonderful because it allows for continuity in learning, especially in times of confinement. We can't interrupt learning, especially for younger kids, like preschoolers. Online learning is great, and there are hundreds of platforms that allow us to advance practical learning.”

Until July 31, 34 experts are taking on this issue, looking at the psychological, cognitive, educational, physiological and spiritual aspects.

CEO, CCC of America
“More than physical challenges, if you harm them, if they're affected or not, the most important thing is the child's heart and the harm that can be caused when they are exposed to content they don't understand. How can a good relationship with God change their heart positively? How can exposure to content inappropriate for their age damage their heart and cause long-term harm?

Free participation in the conference's live events is possible through ninosypantallas.heysummit.com/. Subscribers have unlimited access to the recorded content.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi

Translation: CT