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Franciscans in Beirut ask for help: Every family is checking if loved ones are alive

This terrible explosion in the port area of Beirut unleashed chaos and destruction...

This priest was live-streaming his Mass online when the tragedy struck.

Immediately after, the city found itself in a state of disarray and speechlessness...

Franciscan Convent of Beirut (Lebanon)
“This massive and extremely powerful explosion has devastated all of Beirut, the gem of the Middle East. Now they're doing a headcount of people. Each family is checking to see if everyone's there, if everyone's alive.”

This is what the massive wave left of the church of the Franciscan convent.

The four friars of this community in Beirut are alright.

Now their priority is to help the people. Some have lost everything, and now are looking for a place to sleep. Others need help locating their friends and family. Others are in need of basic supplies.

Franciscan Convent of Beirut (Lebanon)
“Entire families have been forced to sleep in the streets because their houses have been completely destroyed. We used to distribute food packages and hygiene supplies against the coronavirus. Now however, our doors are open to help those affected by this tragedy.”

Fr. Firas is asking for help. He says they are in need of spiritual and material solidarity, in the form of prayers and contributions to rebuild the city and not abandon these people.

Franciscan Convent of Beirut (Lebanon)
“Some people have gone missing, and we don't know where they are. They're probably buried beneath the enormous amount of rubble in the city. Unfortunately, there are probably even more fatalities. +FLASH Thank you for the generosity each person can turn into concrete aid. Thank you, thank you. We hope contributions will be many, but above all, that they will arrive as soon as possible.”

The explosions also caused serious damage to the Lazarists' convent and the Jesuits' house in Beirut.

It's yet another drama added to the ongoing economic crisis and the coronavirus pandemic, which haven't allowed any moment of respite.



Beneficiary Address: Gemmayze-Saifi Street - Santa Church

City: Beyrouth

Country: Lebanon

Bank Name: LGB Bank Sal - Kaslik Branch

Bank Address: Kaslik - Fahed Center - G.F.

City: Keserwan

Country: Lebanon

Swift Code: LGBALBBE

Iban Number: LB20 0094 0000 0000 0181 9079 3202

Javier Martínez-Brocal
Translation: CT