Stay Connected journals: helping busy women put spirituality and community first

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After thriving in a Bible study for women for a decade, Allison Gingras felt a need for another study book. She wanted it to foster prayer with God and connection with other women. 

Thus, she made Stay Connected Journals. They are a series of books, soon to be six, which contain meditations, prayers and most importantly, suggested Bible verses to look up in the Word. 

Author, Stay Connected Journals
“The reason I did that is because I realized in my own time in study, that I may be reading a book and be directed by the author to a certain scripture, and that may be the one that God has for me that day. But more often than not, it was either the scripture before or after or maybe even in the next page. I wanted to give women that opportunity to have those ah-ha moments, those times in the scripture when God speaks directly to you.”

Allison insists the outline of the journals help women connect with Christ, based on the different topic. They provide a flexible structure to guide the person, but also leave room for the individual relationship with God. 

Author, Stay Connected Journals
“What I think the journals do is provide you this accountability. The direction, the accountability, that sometimes we need to make it a priority in our lives. I think women sometimes put ourselves last and we put our spiritual lives even lower than everything else we do for ourselves.”

Stay Connected journals cover topics such as fostering peace, building trust, seeking grace, and much more. 

They are an invitation for Catholic community between females, to share struggles and experiences to ultimately grow in the faith together. 

Melissa Butz

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