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What is “Season of Creation” and why does Pope Francis support it?

From Sept. 1 to Oct. 4, Christians of all denominations are called to celebrate the “Season of Creation.” During this period, Christians reflect on issues concerning the environment and creation as a whole.

The dates of this period are very significant because, on Sept. 1, the Orthodox Church celebrates the liturgical feast of the creation of the world; and on Oct. 4, many Christians commemorate the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. 

Global Catholic Climate Movement
“The Season of Creation is an opportunity and a chance to renew our relationship with God and with all of creation. It is a time to reflect and pay close attention to all of creation and remind us that God is the Creator.”

Tomás Insua is a member of the ecumenical committee that coordinates “Season of Creation.” He is delighted with Pope Francis' special message inviting Catholics to be spiritually and actively involved in this period.

Global Catholic Climate Movement
“From the melting of the glaciers in Greenland, massive fires in California, to the hurricanes in the Caribbean and the U.S., the cry of the earth and the poor is more intense than ever, with or without a pandemic. So, I think it is quite important that the pope invites us to remember this.”

As the official website of the “Season of Creation” demonstrates, Christians worldwide are working together during these weeks to care for the planet.

Many are doing so through prayer gatherings. 

Others focus on planting trees, creating sustainability projects, or recycling initiatives. 


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