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Venezuelan seminarian launches podcast to spread values during quarantine

"Su justa medida,” (His rightful measure) once again, another week, all of us united.”

Alejandro Rangel is a Venezuelan seminarian from Margarita Island, studying in Rome.

He spent his quarantine far from home. During this time, he launched a tool to spread hope in the midst of difficulties. This is how his podcast “Su justa medida” originated. He uses to remain close to his people.

Venezuelan Seminarian in Rome
“The interesting thing is that it all began because of the coronavirus crisis. Being in Venezuela, we know that Internet access is limited, but either way, we have to reach out to people, and the perfect way is to listen to each other. That way, if the Internet connection is very slow, instead of watching a video, which can be a large file, we can use an audio, which is much easier to share. The idea is to get these messages across, which isn't religiousness or great dogmas, but rather, just sharing.”

The first season was focused on human virtues. He says that if these virtues are strengthened and given their proper value, they will help overcome this crisis more easily, which is why the name “His Rightful Measure” is appropriate. 

Venezuelan Seminarian in Rome
“I think (the theme of) virtues is the perfect message for how we can move forward as a society—all together. That's why I think it will be a perfect boost to be able to communicate what the Church has been teaching for centuries, especially to show that together we can achieve this. It's a message that applies very well to the content of the podcast.”

This is proof that in difficult times there are also opportunities to empower talent and reinvent oneself.

Alejandro is currently preparing the second season of “Su justa medida.” All the content from the first series is available on Spotify, Apple podcast, Google podcast and even YouTube.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi

Translation: CC