Innovative software helps Church more effectively engage with parishioners

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“Tilma” is revolutionizing the way parishes interact with their members. JM Boyd, president of the Glass Canvas tech firm behind this platform, explains that it's not just a piece of software, but a holistic ministry system to help promote evangelization in the Catholic Church, offering solutions to various problems encountered by different people within the institution.

President of Glass Canvas

“To start, pastors at a parish. For the first time, they're going to be able to see exactly what the interests of their parishioners are and where people are at, what they're concerned about, what's going on in the parish, and see sort of where the faith journey is of their parishioners. In addition to that, the parish staff or community leaders can actually communicate directly to the parishioners that are connected to them, or interested in them.”

One of Tilma's main functions is to tailor digital content to the needs and desires of parishioners, to effectively engage with them and with Catholics who may feel detached from their parish communities.

President of Glass Canvas

“We know innately that the Church loves us, but we have to feel that as well. So when we feel seen and cared for, and they know who we are, we can actually start catering content that makes someone feel connected, and through that, we start to love the Church more, and love the parish more, love the diocese more, because you feel like they see you and they hear you.”

The results in just three months have been astounding, explains Boyd. He says parishes have seen, on average, a five percent increase in ministry effectiveness, with some parishes seeing as much as a 30 percent increase in donations and overall engagement.

President of Glass Canvas

“I think one of my biggest surprises over the last three months has been how many dioceses have reached out to us, and seen and understood what we are trying to do, especially these bishops who are really making a concerted effort to move from a 'maintenance' mode to a 'mission first' mode, and this is just the tool that helps them get there quicker.”

The platform is easy to use, as it was built in careful consideration of parish secretaries who might not be so tech-savvy. The Glass Canvas team hopes Tilma will be an effective way to use technology to engage Catholics with the dynamic life the Church has to offer.


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