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Bishops must now request Vatican permission to approve new religious communities

With this “motu proprio,” the pope has changed point 579 of the Code of Canon Law. It is an important change.

From now on, the bishops will need the authorization of the Vatican to approve new religious communities. 

To receive authorization, the Vatican will ensure that the alleged founder is reliable; that the new institution is not an unnecessary one nor the same as an already existing one; and that there is sufficient strength to fulfill its mission, among other things.

Until now, merely consulting with the Vatican was necessary before recognizing a new institution. 

Now they will need the Vatican's written permission.

Sept. 3, 2015
"A charism is not meant to be stored away. It should be out in the open and free so that it can have contact with reality, people, concerns, and problems."

Without a doubt, this new measure will provide a further guarantee to Catholics that they will not be deceived by supposed founders, who could later be found to be impostors.


Translation: Christian Campos