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Online initiative provides tools for parents to teach the Catholic faith at home

Named after the place where the “Holy Family” lived, this new initiative is helping Catholic parents around the world bring back the focus of the faith back to the family.

Founder, Project Nazareth
“The most important demographic in parishes are parents, and we can help parents to fall in love with Jesus Christ and then give them the tools that they need to pass on the faith to their children that the children more likely carry that faith into adulthood.”

The initiative consists of downloadable online lessons and resources that not only teach about Scriptures, but also helps parents engage in conversations with their children about the Catholic faith.

Michael Lavigne, founder of Project Nazareth, says the program is not intended to replace faith formation in a classroom setting, but rather support parishes. This reinforcement is then emphasized on practicing faith at home, the most important place where faith formation happens. 

Founder, Project Nazareth
“The goal of project Nazareth is to help build up the domestic church..”
“To build a culture of prayer, study and giving in their homes.”

Guided by Sacred Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, these resources give parents suggestions on how to help children pray, listen, act, and ponder with a given topic throughout the course of each week.

Founder, Project Nazareth
“Whether you're new at this, you are new at having young children, and you need some ideas as to how pass down the faith, or a veteran parent, you've been a parent for a long time, but maybe you just need some new ideas to keep things going in your home, Project Nazareth is meant to help you get that conversation started in your home.”

The program is intended for families with children ages five through twelve.

Project Nazareth is a subscription based program and is available for individual families and parishes worldwide. The yearly family subscription is priced at 40 US Dollars and they currently offer their content in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Christian Campos