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Rome Reports

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Amid restrictions, the pope proposes a more spiritual and less consumerist Christmas

The two main Christmas symbols are already on display at the apostolic library where the pope streamed his weekly Audience. The pope explained what the prayer of intercession consists of. He said that it puts oneself in sync with God by thinking of others.

The world moves forward because of this chain of interceding prayerful people who are mostly unknown, but not to God!

A few days before the first Christmas, during the current pandemic, the pope spoke about the importance of the restrictions, which will be increased in many countries.

I want to encourage everyone to quicken the path to Christmas, to the real Christmas, that is, to the Birth of Jesus Christ. This year, restrictions and inconveniences await us. Let's think about the Christmas of the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph. It was not an easy journey. So many difficulties! So many concerns! It was precisely faith, hope, and love that guided and sustained them. May it also be so with us.

The pope's proposal is not to spend one's energy thinking about what can't be done. He said to redirect that energy to find out what can be done to help those around us.

May this difficulty also help us purify the way of living Christmas, of celebrating, coming out of consumerism. May it be more religious, more authentic, more real.

Many governments around the world are toughening restrictions against the pandemic. Since Italy's current curfew begins at 10:00 p.m., the pope has moved the Christmas Mass earlier to 7:30 p.m.

Javier Romero

Translation: Christian Campos