Christmas in Lebanon: A Nativity Scene is created with debris from the Beirut explosion

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After six months of these tragic images, Beirut’s Catholic community is preparing for a Christmas amid the wreckage. The scenario has changed very little.

The parishes of St. Savior and St. Basil are a few meters from the port where the explosion occurred. Their pastor felt as if time had stopped at that moment, but he encouraged his community to be united and celebrate Christmas with faith.

Priest, Greek Catholic rite in Beirut
“We made this Nativity scene with parts of the ruins from tragic accident in the Port of Beirut, last Aug. 4. We want to transmit that in the heart of the destruction, Jesus comes to be born, in the broken windows and doors, Jesus comes to be born, in the rubble and in destroyed houses Jesus is born. Where there is desolation, he brings hope.”

They placed Mary and Joseph on pieces that fell from the roof of the church. As they await the birth of Jesus, they have lit this candle as a symbol of hope for those who are no longer there.

Priest, Greek Catholic rite in Beirut
“Where there is darkness, He brings light; where there is sadness, He brings joy.”

A Christmas that seeks the miracle of healing the souls of so many people, who, after six months of the tragedy, continue to mourn and ask for help. They await this miracle in the same land where Jesus once walked and healed many souls.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi
Translation: Christian Campos

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