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Virtual Reality game on the story of David and Goliath

This recently launched Virtual Reality game has a very particular storyline. “DvG: Conquering Giants” is based on one of history’s greatest Biblical duels: David vs. Goliath. 

In “DvG,” gamers play the role of the young David from the Old Testament, the young shepherd boy tasked with protecting his sheep, family, and country from the dangers of the outside world.

CEO and Founder, Immersive History

“One of the main reasons we adopted the story versus Goliath from the Bible from DvG: Conquering Giants was because it’s the greatest dual of all time. DvG: Conquering Giants is a family-friendly and wholesome game designed to appeal not only to families, teach them morals, and find values in the gameplay but also for gamers because it’s incredibly challenging.”

The developers of “DvG,” which stands for David vs. Goliath, used cutting-edge Virtual Reality technology for an immersive and realistic experience that brings this bible story to life. 

The game features a robust movement set where players pump their hands, mimicking real-life movements to walk across the levels armed with a VR SLING. 

CEO and Founder, Immersive History

“The wonderful thing about virtual reality is that you put that headset on, and you are inside of that world. It feels so real. It is so immersive and tangible. You become this character. You got to use your sling or sling-shot if you want a little easier method, to fight wolves, to defend your flock against a lion, a bear, and of course a giant. The fun part about this is that it’s so active.”

Jarom Sidwell is a Hollywood visual effects veteran known for his work on blockbuster films. Jarom’s company teamed up with Virtuous VR Gaming to release “DvG” as their debut game. They aim to bring the past to life through the use of interactive storytelling.

CEO and Founder, Immersive History

“My background is in visual effects. I worked on films like Avatar, The Avengers, The Man of Steel. The Hobbit. So when I was building all these animations, for guys like Steven Spielberg and James Cameron, I really wanted to be able to tell my own story one day. When I found Bill at Virtuous VR Gaming, we decided to partner together to immerse people in some of the greatest stories ever told, and those stories are found in the Bible.”

“DvG: Conquering Giants” is now available for gamers worldwide. With the use of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and mobile apps, Jarom and his team hope to develop more games like “DvG” to continue providing family values and fun to gamers of all ages.

Christian Campos