“Listening for God,” a book about recognizing God's voice in everyday life

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“Listening for God,” a book about recognizing God's voice in everyday life

Author Teresa Tomeo talks about what she calls 'Godcidences' throughout her life. “I look back now, and I remember, 'Aha! [God] was there, even though I pushed Him aside.'”

The din and chaos of modern society might present a significant challenge to those trying to make out the voice of optimism and clarity, let alone that of God. Just because we can't hear it though, doesn't necessarily mean it isn't there. 

To prove it, Catholic radio host Teresa Tomeo has written “Listening for God: Discovering the Incredible Ways God Speaks to Us.” It's a book of anecdotes she's collected throughout her own life and those shared by other Catholics from all walks of life.

“In talking to friends who had also been through a lot of trauma over the last few years, especially the last year and a half, they also had some experiences that were helping them through the difficult times, and so I thought, 'Now is a really good time to put these stories together in a book.'

Teresa explains that even people who don't have a strong relationship with God can start to listen for His voice, by simply looking for what she calls 'Godcidences' in their own lives.

“I look back now on my life and I realize when I was away from the Church—and I was away from the Church for about 20 years, when I was in the secular media and into my big news media career—that God had sent people into my life, and some very interesting things that happened, and those were 'Godcidences,' and I look back now, and I remember, 'Aha! He was there, even though I had pushed Him aside.'”

Part of what makes the book so accessible and down-to-earth is that the stories included are from real people with real struggles and real moments of being surprised by God's presence.

“I asked them to write reflection questions and to give a saint's quote—a quote from their favorite saint—and also words of wisdom. So what's really neat about this book is you can use it as a group study. You can use it as a private study, and the questions are designed to make you really think about your own circumstances and how you can grow closer to God.

“Listening for God” reflects Teresa's conviction that God tailors His voice to each person's unique way of perceiving the world. Her book can be an instrument to help tune in to that voice, no matter what frequency God may be using to get one's attention.

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