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Priest stars in documentary showing ups and downs of parish life

“It's a piece of bread, but it's become now the Body and Blood of Christ...”
Fr. Paul Grogan is the star of director Michael Whyte's latest documentary, “Priest.”

Director of “Priest”
“I wanted it to be, if you like, in the community, as opposed to being somewhat removed, and it seemed to me after a bit of time thinking about it, that the simplest way of going about this was be to try and follow a priest in his parish and filming what he does on a day-to-day basis.”

“Okay, after three. One, two, three, down. Hold. One, two, three, up.”


“You're never aware of the full extent of the impact that you're having, or God, through your ministry, is having upon people's lives, and that's very exciting. You're conscious that the power of the Holy Spirit extends beyond those who are sitting in the pew at any one particular moment.”

The documentary is set at the parish of Mary, Mother of God, in Bradford, England. Director Michael Whyte, himself a non-Catholic, was particularly impressed by Fr. Paul's tirelessness in serving the most vulnerable in his community.

“May Holy Mary, the angels and all the saints come to meet you as you go forth from this life.”

Director of “Priest”
“He always gave them the time and attention they required, and I think that that's really important, particularly if you're sick, elderly or maybe living on your own, just the idea of having somebody to come and visit you and give you that sense of, if you like, that you're needed, you're worthwhile within the community. You haven't been forgotten. He gives back the dignity to these people that they deserve.”

“I would wish Catholics to see how marvelous their faith is. Most of my ministry is oriented to Catholics who are half-hearted at best.”

“Priest” is an honest look at the role of a parish priest in his community, with all its ups and downs and moments of both suffering and joy. The documentary is available to stream on Amazon.

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