Essential rules for a successful relationship with your partner

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Finding a stable and healthy relationship with the right partner is not always easy. What is even more challenging is maintaining that stability and feeling of happiness amidst today’s life’s challenges.

Fernando Poveda wrote ten guidelines to help find this stability and build a successful relationship. These guidelines can be found in his book “La Pareja que Funciona,” Spanish for “The Successful Couple.”

Fernando suggests that taking your relationship seriously is crucial. It means being aware that you have to take care of it at all times. He explains that it works like a profession; the more you learn about relationships, your partner, and yourself, the more prepared and successful you’ll be.

Author, “La Pareja que Funciona”
“The number one key is to take your life as a couple seriously. It’s interesting how we take our professional life very seriously.

Just as an architect needs professional training to avoid building a faulty bridge and studies five, six, seven years… 

We also need to take the relationships seriously. read books, attend conferences, lectures, and so on.”

Another important key point that the book mentions is to learn to communicate properly. Fernando suggests that communicating with assertiveness and avoiding criticism can be the bridge that sustains positive communication.

Author, “La Pareja que Funciona”
“Many relationships fail because they love each other but don't know how to say it.
When they do find the time, they don’t know how to express things to each other. One of the main things that I bring from my business background to my relationship is how to be very assertive and say things in a positive way. Conversation is necessary when something needs improvement. However, it is important to know how to say it without hurting the other person.”

In another tip, Fernando writes about how it’s normal to have disagreements and bad moments because crises are inevitable. He suggests not to be afraid of them nor give up and rather reminds his readers that it is imperative to know how to manage them.

Author, “La Pareja que Funciona”
“However, there are many more solutions. You have to look for solutions. I would say that when you go through a crisis, and you solve it, normally people don’t know this, but when you solve it, you end up being better than you were before. Crises help us grow.”

The book also proposes these other guidelines: anticipating relationship problems, knowing how to fall in love again, practicing a positive attitude, identifying your life’s priorities, enjoying intimacy, getting rid of bad habits, and learning how to take care of your significant other.

Author, “La Pareja que Funciona”
“Relationship and marriage life must be taken care of. If you don’t nurture it, it dies. Like a plant, if you don’t water it, it will die. 

You have to know the instructions, understand your partner well and be interested because when you know how to take care of your relationship, it flourishes and continues to grow.”

Fernando says the goal of “The Successful Couple,” is to help couples develop healthy routines that will not only improve their love life but also make it successful. Following the pope’s example, he wants families to find common ground and discover what unites them regardless of their beliefs.

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