Catholic songwriter explores what it means to be beloved daughters and sons of God

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Sarah Kroger is a Catholic songwriter, worship leader and artist from Nashville, Tennessee. She's been traveling around the U.S. and the world for the past 12 years, sharing her passion for music and prayer with others.

Musician and Worship Leader
“I hope that my music leads people to the heart of God. And that's a very simple hope I realize, but to me, what more could I ask for in life as a disciple?”

Music has always been a part of Sarah's life. Her parents were both music ministers at their parish, and she was involved in children's choir. But it was at a youth conference in high school that she first encountered worship music.

Musician and Worship Leader
“It basically became the way that I prayed to God. It became the language through which I was able to communicate with Him in my life.”

Sarah says music became a “medium” for her life that helped her deal with anxiety and depression. And thankfully, she decided to share that medium with others. 

With songs like “Belovedness,” Sarah offers support to people who struggle to see past the negative things about themselves. 

Musician and Worship Leader
“It's so easy to own those things and allow those things to become our identity, rather than allowing our identity as a beloved daughter or son of God to be the central truth of our life. And so that's what this song is all about. It's about laying those false identities down and picking up our identity as the beloved and living out of that truth, owning that truth.”

Sarah is involved in a number of collaborative projects. She's part of a worship collective called Village Lights Music. They hope to release a new EP in 2021 and an album in 2022.

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